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From the right….Robin Lowe

We have got to get a handle on our voting situation, not only within our state, but within our country. Go to and see the backroom dealings and filth that went on during the 2016 election. Then look at very liberal professor Robert Epstein who has been warning for months that “big tech” can easily steal, rig and/or change the outcome of a national election.

Then comes articles like this one  from “” posted October 16, 2018: “Democrats Are Lying, Cheating, And Assaulting Their Way To Election Day In California,” The article recounts how, “In California’s 24th congressional district, it’s a matchup between Justin Fareed and incumbent Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal. It should be your run-of-the-mill political campaign, which recently turned ugly when a crazy man in Paso Robles assaulted a canvasser for Fareed.” (

Then, there’s this little tidbit from, “The National,” which states plainly, “California-style ballot cheating could be coming to YOUR state next,” which claims, “Immediately following the midterm elections last month, several Republican candidates held comfortable leads in reliably red districts in the otherwise deep blue state of California. But within a few weeks, all of them had lost to their Democratic challenger.” The article goes on to detail the too-eaasily-tainted “ballot harvesting” which many see as a roadmap to fraudulently steal elections. (

Throw in these very slightest tips of a more-than-titanic sized iceberg with the fact that, since it very inception, the “motor voter” debacle has continued to hamper elections, mislead and “mis-Party” voters…and you can see we need to be very very vigilant about our most sacred secular gift and right: our vote. We, the conservatives of the Hemet Valley will continue to impress upon all voters the need for a true, honest overhaul of our voting system in the form of Voter ID laws. The shenanigans that have gone on since at least 2016 have shown that our system is and can be compromised by those who do not care about fair and honest elections. We will allow this no longer. Stand vigilant and contact California Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s elections office at and demand fairness, honesty and accuracy in our elections. While you’re there, you owe it to yourself to verify your party affiliation as well.

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