Go inside a Haunted Mansion-inspired Airbnb


Iman Palm | Contributor

If you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, here’s your chance.

An Airbnb listing for the Ghostly Retreat in Fullerton pays tribute to the fan-favorite attraction with Haunted Mansion-inspired décor, along with special sound, lighting and visual FX throughout the property. The Airbnb was listed by Jeff Schiefelbein, a production designer for film, television and amusement parks.

Through his company, Sinister Pointe Productions, he has worked with Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal Studios Orlando and the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, among others. “The Haunted Mansion is what inspired me to do what I do at a young age. And now I have had the ability after all these years to recreate what I loved the most,” Schiefelbein told KTLA.

Photo of the gaming room at the property. (Jeff Schiefelbein)

It took Schiefelbein two months to transform the property into the Ghostly Retreat that’s been compared to the famed Disneyland attraction. So far, there have been no signs of the 999 happy haunts. The Airbnb can accommodate up to eight guests and while children can stay at the property, Schiefelbein doesn’t suggest they do. “This is not too scary for kids by any means, but we do try and promote the retreat to mostly older fans of the mansion just due to the nature of the property being that it contains many very expensive FX and décor,” Schiefelbein said. “We don’t want the little ones running around and breaking things.”

The scary, yet cozy, living room at the property. (Jeff Schiefelbein)

The house is open for bookings throughout the year and nightly stays cost $649. Just like the Disneyland attraction, the Airbnb also does a holiday-themed overlay for the Christmas season beginning in November, according to the listing page. In anticipation of the upcoming “Haunted Mansion” movie, a Zillow listing for Disney’s Haunted Mansion materialized on the website on July 14. The listing was promotional material for the new movie and couldn’t be purchased by anyone.

A glimpse into Leota inspired room. (Jeff Schiefelbein)

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