Hemet Education Foundation Awards 2024 Scholarships


Another school year has come to an end, complete with “good-byes” and celebrations, senior awards and graduations.  This year the Hemet Education Foundation awarded five $5000.00 scholarships to seniors graduating from Hemet’s comprehensive high schools, and one $500.00 scholarship to a qualifying senior at one of HUSD’s alternative high schools.  Students receiving a $5000.00 scholarship are Angie Delgado, Hamilton High School; Kayla Benson, Hemet High School; Ubaldo Puente, Tahquitz High School; Logan Fogle, Western Center Academy; and Nathalie Garcia, West Valley High School.  The HEF $500.00 scholarship recipient from The Academy of Innovation was Eugene Hernandez.

Angie Delgado Hamilton High School

Hamilton High School’s Angie Delgado says, “I am devoted to my chosen field of study.  I have always found an interest in Kinesiology and am fascinated by the idea of helping athletes with their athletic journey.”  Angie will be the first in her family to attend college, a point of immense pride for her and her family.  Angie is hoping to attend Cal State San Marcos or Mt. San Antonio College, focusing on movement anatomy or exercise physiology.

Kayla Benson Hemet High School

Kayla Benson from Hemet High School says that after she acquires her college degree in Civil Engineering, “I want to serve my community and help those who struggle.  I’ve been inspired by the needs of the people I see every day who are less fortunate and need somewhere to call their own.  Education is power, and the more I know the more I can do good for others.”   Kayla plans to attend either Brigham Young University Provo or BYU Idaho in the fall.

Ubaldo Puente Tahquitz High School

Although mathematics isn’t every student’s favorite subject, Ubaldo Puente of Tahquitz High School plans to further his education at the University of Utah where he will work towards a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and eventually earn his teaching credential.  “I want my future students to view the subject in a new light, the way my third grade teacher showed my peers and me a new perspective on the misunderstood subject.”  Dr. Emily Shaw, Hemet Unified School District’s Director of Wellness and Community Outreach, says, “Ubaldo is the all-around package: brains, character, high morals and strong leadership.”

Logan Fogle Western Center Academy

Western Center Academy graduating senior Logan Fogle says, “For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world’s complexity and simplicity.  I find a peace and relaxation in nature.  I want to pursue a career in nature, working for the US Forest Service as a Forester.  My office will be among the trees, my water cooler will be a cool mountain stream.”  Logan plans to attend Cal Poly Humboldt University and major in Forestry.  Western Center AP English teacher Tonya Brady says that Logan will bring “a focused dedication to college where no class will intimidate him.  He is a quality person.” 

Garcia, Nathalie West Valley High School

Sports Medicine has become a profound part of Nathalie Garcia’s life. She has a passion for helping athletes and making a meaningful impact.  She developed that passion at West Valley High School, “working at my school’s clinic with 8 other selected peers and working and interacting with individuals outside of school.  Sports medicine is more than a career to me, it’s an emotional and heartwarming journey that stirs my soul.” Her two years in West Valley’s CTC Sports Medicine class has had quite an impact on this young lady.  Nathalie has her eyes set on attending Cal State San Marcos with a major in Kinesiology and the ultimate goal of becoming a physical therapist. 

“Whether grappling with the complexities of mathematics or immersing myself in literature, my thirst for understanding remains insatiable, propelling me towards continual growth.”  These are the words of Eugene Hernandez, HEF scholarship award winner from The Academy of Innovation.  Eugene says that with a “deep-seated passion for education and a genuine desire to inspire and empower others, I aspire to pursue a career in teaching.”  His plans are to first acquire an AA degree from MSJC then transfer to a university to earn his bachelor’s degree and eventually his teaching credential. 

Since 1978, the Hemet Education Foundation has been supporting schools sites and students in the Hemet Unified School District with financial donations and academic scholarships.  Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has donated over $104,000 to the District’s schools for much-needed supplies and resources.  Additionally, since 2014, the Hemet Education Foundation has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in the district — $500 to qualifying seniors at both of our alternative high schools, and $5000 to qualifying seniors at each of our five comprehensive high schools.  For more information about the Hemet Education Foundation, you can access their website at hemeteducationfoundation.com.


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