Life is purrfect with a kitten

Why you should adopt a cat right meow!


Pets are awesome, they are always there for you, love you, and don’t care what people may think. If you’re ready to make your life a little greater, adopting a pet is one wonderful solution, because you will be taking care of another living being and get lots of love in return. And if you already made this decision but you still don’t know what kind of pet is perfect for you, I can give you some reasons to give cats a chance.

Cats are special animals, they are really different from dogs and other species. They are hygienic because they clean themselves constantly, but of course, you still have to bathe them, but not that often. They are also very independent, if you have a sandbox, it will be easy for you to train them, their instinct will help you with this.

If you love felines and would love to have a tiger or a lion, adopting a cat it’s perfect for you, because no matter what size they are, all felines have the same nature. They all have this superiority ideation, thanks to all the years’ cats have been living with humans, and how humans worshipped them (we still do in some ways).

Think about how much space you have in your home, even if you only live in a small apartment, a cat will be happy with their sandbox and climber. They don’t need a lot of space to run, and cats are nocturnal animals, so probably most of the day they will be asleep. So if you don’t have much time in the day because school, or work, or any reason, a cat it’s a great option for you.

Are you ready to adopt this adorable animal? If the answer is yes, you should see if you want to have a female or male cat, because when they are adults the character they have is slightly different. Male cats mark their territory (kind of the same ways dogs do), and female cats are in heat seasonally. In the spring and fall, and they may go into heat several times during the season. But if you don’t want to deal with these gender issues there’s a solution: always remember to spay your cat, doesn’t care if it’s a male or female. Some investigations say that spaying cats will help them to grow healthier, and can prevent a lot of medical issues, in their lives; like some urine infections and even can help them to have a longer life.

Cats are amazing animals, adorable, intelligent, and funny. You will always have a good laugh with their craziness and clumsiness. If you still aren’t sure if the cats are the best option for you, think of how you interact with others, cats have some different social skills as other pets. Dogs are really social, and if you have some snacks on you, they will instantly love you. But cats won’t, yes, they will take the snack, but that doesn’t mean they already think you are their best friend.

If you are not that social, and you like your own space, a cat is perfect for you. They like attention, but not too much. Cats like to be “in charge” if you ever interact with a cat, you know that they act like gods. Probably because we still treat them like ones. These animals are incredible, and they are more similar to us humans, as you can probably imagine. Each cat has a different personality to another. And they can get angry at you. But there’s something else with cats, even if it doesn’t look like, they are really empathic, but not like humans are. They have this 6th sense that we do not possess. When you’re sad or angry, they know, and know if they should leave you alone or stay closer to you.
Well, if this doesn’t make you give cats a chance, probably nothing will. But you should
see for yourself how great cats are as a companion.


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