Planet Fitness has new female management

The GYM names 21-year-old Sydney Omensas new manager

Planet Fitness has new female management
PLANET FITNESS: Sidney Omens is the Manager at Planet Fitness. | Photo by Mark Lentine

Planet fitness in Hemet has promoted 21-year-old Sydney Omens to a manager. Omens will be the first young woman to run the Hemet gym since its opening.
“I was hired to work at the front desk, but the upper management said they saw my potential in my initial interview,” said Omens, adding, “Within 3 weeks I was offered the Assistant Manager’s position.

It took a few months to get the hang of running such a large operation, but I handled it. After a few months, I was ready when this opportunity came my way.”
The promotion, one of several in the nine months of Omen’s employment at Planet Fitness, is the first, that not only for the store but in this area. “You don’t see many female gym managers, and I don’t know of any who are my age,” said Omens.

Planet Fitness is known as a very progressive company, aggressively promoting from within, and seeking to support all their employees. “The company paid for our trainer, Marcellinos Gonzalez, to get his personal trainer licensure-and those are not cheap. However, the company always seeks to promote employees who show initiative,” said Omens, adding, “As I’ve moved up, Marcellino and others have also been promoted.

That’s the culture here at Planet Fitness: we here strong employees, and we
support them in their growth.”
Anyone who has visited the gym recently can see the difference under Omens’ management. “The old facility was well-run and clean…but there seems to be a new energy in the now-it seems brighter and even cleaner,” said one of the facility’s very enthusiastic members,” adding, “I really like it even more now.”

THE NEW MANAGER: For Sydney Omens, supervising this great gym is a big challenge and a huge responsibility, but she feels very excited about her new job. | Photos by Mark Lentine

Omens is very appreciative of the positive comments, pointing out that, “…we just had the first “Planet Fitness Gym Inspection” since I’ve taken over, and we passed with a rating of 100%. It’s not easy to get perfect numbers like that, but I have a highly motivated staff, and we made it happen,” said Omens.

It’s clear to see that, as Omens says, she enjoys the responsibility and challenges of taking on a leadership role in what was once, primarily a man’s world. At the beginning and mid-point of every week, Omens sets, then checks several short-term goals…and works to keep up morale until those goals are achieved. “I find that if you keep the staff reminded of their goals-and you keep them rewarded-you have a better-run facility, and the members can see and feel the difference,” says Omens, of her 8,200-member facility, adding, “I’ve set an ambitious 9,000-member goal by year’s end…and my staff and I are going to do all we can to achieve that goal.” With Sydney Omens as the new manager, that achievement seems a sure bet.


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