San Jacinto Hosts July 4th Parade and Festival
BAND: A huge crowd gathers to watch the musical performance. | Photo by Fidel Villalobos III

On Thursday, July 4th, our valley celebrated Independence Day together in San Jacinto. The city hosted the 2019 Independence Day Parade and Street Festival. The community celebrated The parade on Main Street, from Cabos Los Banos to Jordan Avenue. The street festival, also on Main Street, was held between Jordan Avenue and San Jacinto Avenue.

The parade featured dozens of local townspeople who consistently help our community in positive ways. Also there, to celebrate at the festival, was the famous band Midnight Ride, as well as the Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps, from Riverside.

POLICE CAR: San Jacinto PD showcased a classic 1949 Ford Business Coupe. | Photo by Fidel Villalobos III

The parade began at 9:00 a.m. and the street festival followed at 10:30 a.m. However, the citizens wasted no time in enjoying the festivities. Food vendors kept the crowds satisfied with delicious food. Children had lots to do, as there was a bounce house, an easy-going mechanical bull, bubbles flying in the air, and even a stand where they could paint on canvas.

The performance began before we knew it, as the Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps took their places. They are from Riverside, currently in the middle of the competitive season. They stopped by to perform for us, before continuing on their tour, to compete.

The non-profit organization was established in 2013 by Raymond Moreno, one of the founding members and first executive director of the corps. “His vision was to establish an environment for local high school and college musicians that would provide an opportunity to compete during the summer at a low cost. Also, learn from seasoned educators in the activity, and still earn a taste of the entire drum corps experience.” According to Moreno’s intentions described on their website.

Having an elite group like Watchmen perform and celebrate with us, who also stand for such a positive cause, was truly an honor. The crowds gathered all around them as their performance began. Many people recorded on their phones the captivating experience. Finding a good view was difficult, as more and more people continuously joined to watch and listen.

DRUMS: The drum players warming up and practicing. | Photo by Fidel Villalobos III

Additionally, among the vendors and activities, were people in the community who were offering tips and advice for personal and home betterment. The Eastern Municipal Water District was there, giving tips on how to save water with the extreme heat quickly approaching. Also in attendance, was Muriel Dufresne, who is the Director of Community Affairs at Golden Era Productions. She was doing good for our community by educating the citizens on the dangers of alcohol and drugs, while also providing more information on the new marijuana dispensary in San Jacinto. People doing things like Muriel, and the EMWD, are what we need more of, and always appreciate, in our valley!

All in all, the celebration was phenomenal. As people walked down Main Street, the sound and sight of laughter was a joy to experience. The drums sounding in the background, as the Watchmen warmed up before their performance, perfectly complemented the vibe of the whole event. The smell of tacos was in the air, as street vendors cooked the popular Mexican dish for the valley residents. Friends and family gathered for our national holiday, making the Independence Day Celebration, one to remember.

KIDS PAINTING: Children participate in canvas painting during the festival. | Photo by Fidel Villalobos III


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