Cal-Trans making an effort to make Florida a safer road

Construction has been approved for an expanded raised curb median to be installed down Highway 74 (Florida Ave), this project is supposed to get started on July 8th, 2019. This is a big project that will be full of many moving pieces  You have been warned, traffic going down Florida Ave. will not be ideal in the immediate future. This project will likely be completed in many phases including; prep, demo, installation, landscaping, and punch list. The company that will be doing the work will do it in sections that are strategically placed to ensure that work flow is on going.

You will see survey paint on the asphalt in the middle of the road, don’t get those confused with the painted lines, you will still follow the paint unless there are cones guiding you in a different direction. Don’t get scared or confused if you drive into a coned area, just slow your speed down and follow the cones laid out in front of you. Remember that these workers are just doing their job, it isn’t their fault that traffic is slowing down. Be aware of them, they all have families that they have to go to when their shift is over.

Speed limits are reduced by half in construction zones and traffic fines are doubled, that means your average speed going down Florida will vary between 20 and 30 miles per hour. If you are in a hurry, it may be better to take Acacia Ave. or Latham for the time being, depending on where you need to go.

This project is meant to increase the safety of the highway, often times people run across the street and get stuck standing in the middle of the road waiting for an opening to get to the otherside. Some drivers act like that they can “u-turn” anywhere along the road or ignore the “Right Turn only” signs and drive all the way across the street. Medians and raised curbs will be added throughout the road to help make the highway a safer place for all Hemet and San Jacinto residents.

It’s hard to say how long the project will take depending on inspection, weather, and materials, but Florida Ave. will appear to be a completely different road when it is finally finished. Expect many detours and traffic control activity in the surrounding area especially on pour days when there are concrete trucks in the area. In order to ensure the safety of the construction workers, police presence will be escalated in that general area.

If you have any questions or what to expect during construction of the HWY-74 project I’m Available via email at [email protected], I will be writing updates on the project as it continues so keep an eye out for future articles.


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